Break with tradition, technology innovation--- SKYER battery powered suspended access equipment.

Break with tradition, technology innovation— SKYER battery powered suspended access equipment.

SKYER battery powered suspended access equipment, which power supply of self-provided dc 36V lithiium battery, no external AC power supply, save manpower, simplify work flow, improve work efficiency, ensure the safe operation of equipment.

SKYER battery powered suspended access equipment avoids the constraint of the super-long cable and the unexpected disturbance of the cable in the lifting process, which solves the problem of safe electricity consumption under various working conditions.

SKYER battery powered suspended access equipment,with the use of safety, convenient operation and control of intelligence, which greatly saves the manpower and time spent in the maintenance process and creates economic benefits for the customers.

SKYER group provides customers with comprehensive services such as testing, training and product maintenance.

High Safety

Adopted dedicated lithium battery, without external power supply, SKYER battery powered suspended access equipment solves the problem of electricity safety under various working conditions.

Use 36V safe DC voltage to eliminate the danger of high-pressure operation.

A personal protective system independent of the suspended access equipment ensures that the users in any situation is adequately secured.

Centrifugal safety lock is used to guarantee the protection of overspeed and rope breaking in the working process of the suspended access equipment system.


Excellent Performance

Single block of battery continuously ascending/ descending 700m.

Double speed selection, with two speeds of 8m/min and 12m/min, which can be set according to the need.

Separable structure, the maximum size of all components is less than 450mm, which is convenient for transportation.

The electromagnetic brake installed in the hoist ensures that the suspended access equipment is firmly locked on the steel wire ropes when out of power.


Smart Control

Built-in control system, real-time monitoring of hoist and motor working condition.

Monitor the battery power in real time.

Equipped with upper limit switch to prevent the suspended access equipment from collision.

With manual descending function, the suspended access equipment can be operated and descending smoothly when needed.

Emergency stop button designed for emergency response.


User-friendly Design

The selection of low-voltage lighting equipment for easy inspection and operation inside the confined space.

Only install and manage the lithium battery without external power supply.

No need for electrical maintenance, saving manpower.

Magnetic connector can be selected to increase the stability of the suspended access equipment.